Flex-E-On, Inc. was founded in 1965 on the success of a chuck design that has become the standard for workholding reliability and efficiency. This design provided both workholding versatility and improved machine tool efficiency. The superior "flexibility" it offered gave us our identity that was naturally reflected in our company name.

AHD, Inc. products were designed to meet more specialized and unique applications. They are primarily "engineering-driven" products and provide solutions to workholding operations. Being ever responsive to new machinery technology, AHD developed some of the most innovative products in the industry. These include the unique 2-Jaw Chuck and the Quick-Change Workholding System. Another beneficial feature of an AHD product is that it needs no lubrication.

Today, both AHD and Flex-E-On are still focused on producing the highest quality and most versatile workholding products in the industry--products that help our customers decrease machine downtime and increase productivity.

Our performance record for nearly 35 years is the direct result of a dedicated and highly skilled work force. The average time-in-service among our people is exceptionally high...an important factor that make up the consistently high quality of our products.

We pride ourselves in our growing number of return customers and excellent delivery times. Both AHD and Flex-E-On products are backed by a one-year warranty on material and workmanship.

As a manufacturing company, we face the same problems and challenges that our customers face. Tougher competition, demands for higher quality, and rapid technological changes make it critically important to operate efficiently. That's why we at AHD/Flex-E-On incorporate the latest equipment and methods to attain our high level of quality and customer satisfaction.