Flex-E-On Bar Puller

The Flex-E-On Bar Puller provides an economical way top perform accurate bar length cut-off. The Bar Puller allows you to save not just only time and money, but valuable floor space as well. Four models are available to handle virtually any shape of bar stock.

The Flex-E-On Bar Puller mounts easily into the machine's turret. No special tools are need. The pad inserts grip on the corners of hex and square bars. Rotate the Bar Puller's calibrated outer sleeve to set the amount of gripping prtessure required. Make minor adjustments to the sleeve to provide lighter or heavier pull.

For CNC turning center or single spindle automatics Pull hot or coild finished bars.

Accurate Cut-Off Length
  • Adjustable tension sleeve
  • Wear parts carburized and hardened to 60 Rockwell "C"
Increased Productivity
  • Self-aligning pad inserts
  • Quick-change pad inserts
  • Bar remnants quickly and easily removed
Reduced Scrap
Bar marking is eliminated because adjustable tension applies only to the force required to pull the bar.