AHD Quick Change Workholding System Provides Superior Holding Power

AHD Quick-Change Workholding System has the accuracy of a collet but operates as a jaw chuck. It allows numerous applications and has 3 times the holding power of other 2-jaw chucks.

Optional Master or Solid Collets
  • Forgings are held with the accuracy of a collet without shimming.
  • Quick-change set-ups are done from the front face of chuck.
  • Variety of shapes, forgings, castings, hexes, squares, and rounds are held securely.
  • Chucking pressure is exerted over work piece, maintaining concentricity and eliminating bellmouth condition.
  • Total jaw movement is 5/8" and up.
  • Jaw opening is adjustable to minimize opening.
  • Repositioning of tools is eliminated with datum inserts and part stops.
  • Models are available in 4" through 10" sizes for single and multiple applications.
  • "Zero-in" feature is available.
  • Installation is easy.
  • Simplicity of design requires zero maintenance.
  • Self-contained and custom-designed chucks are available.

AHD 2-Jaw Chuck Holding Large Forging

AHD Large Capacity 2-Jaw Chuck