Change to any MULTI-GRIP Chucking Option in 3 Minutes.

The AHD Quick-Change MULTI-GRIP Workholding Chucks have redefined workholding versatility. The system offers the greatest number of chucking options available today. In addition to quick and multiple changeover, the MULTI-GRIP Chucks are designed to work with existing tooling, making it an economical choice. All chucks are designed with a unique "zero-in" feature that ensures concentricity.

Master Collet
  • Accepts most standard collet pads.
  • Stationary length.
  • Allows full capacity through draw tube
  • Adjustable grip tension without adjusting actuator pressure
Two Jaw Assembly
  • Holds a variety of shapes
  • Up to 3 times the holding power of standard two jaw
  • Total movement of jaws 21/32" and up
  • Jaw movement easily adjusted to minimize opening
Expanding Mandrel
  • Precision I.D. chucking
  • Adjustable grip
  • Quick change expanding bushing segments
Extra Capacity Collet
  • Holds a variety of shapes
  • Adjustable tension
  • Soft pad blanks and easy pad changes
  • Stationary length
Solid Collet Adapter
  • Converts standard draw back collets to dead length stationary type
  • Adjustable grip tension